Sunday Reads: Aug. 30

I just almost typed September for today’s date and I’m honestly not sure where August went. Hope you’re all enjoying the last bit of summer Great Falls.

Here’s this week’s reading list.

NPR: End of federal unemployment brings difficult financial choices

Foreign Affairs: The looming hunger pandemic

Council on Foreign Affairs: Does Chinese state media post a threat to the United States?

The Washington Post: How Minneapolis police handles the in-custody death of a Black man 10 years before George Floyd

Axios: Hospitals charge a lot more when Wall Street owns them

Wall Street Journal: From ‘freezer farms’ to jets, logistics operators prepare for a COVID-19 vaccine

The Atlantic: A new era of coronavirus testing is about to begin

NPR: A confusing back-to-school season may lead to blockbuster spending

Associated Press: U.S. faces back-to-school laptop shortage

The New York Times: Billions in hospital virus aid rested on compliance with private vendor

CityLab: A growing movement takes on the mega-development

Associated Press: Thousands allowed to bypass environmental rules in pandemic

Politico: After brutal budget cuts, compost sites face eviction by Parks Department

The Washington Post: Zoom outages disrupt first day of online classes for many schools and universities

WBUR: Asymptomatic children carry higher COVID-19 viral load than adults in ICUs, study finds

NPR: Director of National Intelligence cancels verbal election security briefings