Former state legislator killed in kayaking incident

Cleve Loney, 69, was killed in a kayaking incident on Aug. 22.

According to Cascade County Sheriff Jesse Slaughter, Loney and others were floating on the Missouri River between Pruitt Creek and Pelican Point.

Loney’s “kayak tipped in some rapids and he fell out of the kayak into the river. He was last seen attempting to stay above the surface and then he went back under the water,” according to Slaughter’s release.

His wife saw the incident and called 911.

Loney’s body was later found by a fisherman near Pelican Point and was recovered by Fish Wildlife and Parks, search and rescue and CCSO deputiies.

Slaughter said the cause of death was accidental drowning.

Loney was a real estate agent and served one term in the Montana House of Representatives as a Republican for House District 25.