Sunday Reads: Aug. 9

Here’s this week’s reading list, hope you’re having a great weekend Great Falls.

Rolling Stone: The unraveling of America

The New Yorker: The enduring romance of the night train

The Economist: Why sourdough went viral

The Associated Press: Nuclear bailout tied to bribery scandal was years in the making

NPR: Smaller nuclear plants may come with less stringent safety rules

VOX: COVID-19 is exposing inequalities in college sports. Now athletes are demanding change.

The Washington Post: The great decluttering of 2020: The pandemic has inspired a cleanout of American homes

The New Yorker: America’s coronavirus endurance test

Bozeman Chronicle: Bozeman considers expanding compost program for food waste

Kaiser Health News: Health care workers of color nearly twice as likely as whites to get COVID-19

CityLab: Short on money, cities around the world try making their own

The Atlantic: Immunology is where intuition goes to die

The Washington Post: For the unemployed, rising grocery prices strain budgets even more

The Wall Street Journal: Coronavirus hobbled Amazon. How the tech giant rebounded for its best earnings ever.

Minnesota Public Radio: During COVID-19, a growing interest in recycling food waste at home

CNN: We’re facing a ‘generational catastrophe’ in education, UN warns

Reuters: Construction spending falls to one-year low in June

Associated Press: Virus testing in the U.S. is dropping, even as deaths mount