CCHD identifies COVID-19 outbreak in connection with long-term care facility

Cascade County City-County Health Department has identified an outbreak of six total COVID-19 cases in connection with a long-term care facility in Cascade County, as of Aug. 4.

Aug. 4 update: New COVID cases confirmed in Cascade County

“Events like these, sadly, remind us that COVID-19 is still here and we still need to be vigilant in our prevention efforts. CCHD and all of our healthcare partners in Cascade County are doing everything in their power to contain this disease—please help us keep our community, especially our vulnerable population, safe,” Trisha Gardner, county health officer, said in a release.

“Due to HIPAA regulations, CCHD will not be releasing the name of the facility or further details at this time,” according to CCHD release.

CCHD is working daily with the facility in which the outbreak occurred to determine and activate appropriate strategies for containing and preventing further spread of COVID-19, according to the release.