Sunday Reads: July 26

Here’s the reading list for this week, hope you’re having a great weekend Great Fallsians.

Vox: The end of the American dream

Scientific American: COVID-19 pandemic shows telecommuting can help fight climate change

ProPublica/New York Times Magazine: Where will everyone go?

Vice: Scientists set to explore a deep ‘blue hole’ at the bottom of the ocean

National Geographic: Bubbles trapped in Alaska ice are a mesmerizing, terrifying warning

Associated Press: The global march of face masks: a mirror on humanity

Route Fifty: The poor performance of performance contracts

The New York Times: Climate change poses ‘systemic threat’ to the economy, big investors warn

The Washington Post: Meatpacking workers file lawsuit against OSHA, accusing agency of failing to keep them safe

CityLab: The future of our food supply

Portland Press Herald: Amazon gets priority while mail gets delayed, say letter carriers

L.A. Times: Trump concedes coronavirus will ‘get worse before it gets better’

Bloomberg: Colleges plan football season that many doctors advise skipping

Route Fifty: The nation’s marquee ‘smart city’ program continues to evolve

Eater: Can restaurants survive shutting down again?

MarketWatch: Pharma stocks fall as Trump targets drug prices with executive orders

The Economist: The hunt for the origins of SARS-CoV-2 will look beyond China

NPR: ‘Change can happen’: Black families on racism, hope and parenting

Axios: The economic activism of the civil rights movement

CityLab: Come build your own empty town

The Washington Post (opinion): I was growing hopeless about world. Then an artichoke came to my rescue.

Wired: The sly psychology behind magicians’ card tricks