Sunday Reads: July 19

This week’s reading list.

Hope you’re enjoying the weather and staying safe and healthy Great Falls.

Popular Science: Where to get reliable COVDI-19 data, now that the CDC doesn’t have it

CNBC: Looming evictions may soon make 28 million homeless in U.S., experts say

The Atlantic: The Constitution doesn’t work without local news

Politico: Who took down the CDC’s coronavirus data? The agency itself.

Smithsonian Magazine: How the ice cream truck made summer cool

The New Republic: How food media created monsters in the kitchen

Esquire: I’d made an uneasy peace with my job as a sommelier. Then I lost my sense of smell.

NPR: CDC won’t release school guidance this week as anticipated

Nuro: Serving America’s food deserts

L.A. Times: As if the pandemic weren’t enough, 2020 might be the hottest year ever

Associated Press: Baseless Wayfair child-trafficking theory spreads online

Vox: College towns without college students have small businesses struggling

Washington Post: Postal service memos detail ‘difficult’ changes, including slower mail delivery

ProPublica: A teenager didn’t do her online schoolwork. So a judge sent her to juvenile detention.

Salt Lake Tribune: COVID-19 among construction workers threatens on-time opening of new Salt Lake City International Airport

NPR: Stay-at-home improvement: DIY builders help drive up lumber prices

Washington Post: U.S., Britain and Canada say Russian cyberspies are trying to steal coronavirus vaccine research