Sunday Reads: July 12

Here’s this week’s reading list.

NPR: Nation’s pediatricians walk back support for in-person school

Associated Press: Catholic Church lobbied for taxpayer funds, got $1.4B

Associated Press: U.S. bets on untested company to deliver COVID-19 vaccine

The Atlantic: Reopening schools was just an afterthought

NPR: Why U.S. schools are still segregated–and one idea to help change that

WTKR: Amid pandemic, fewer students seek federal aid for college

ProPublica: Digital jail: How electronic monitoring drives defendants into debt

CityLab: We’re not prepared to track disease outbreaks in America’s poorest ZIP codes

The Economist: The new ideology of race

The Atlantic: Lockdowns could be the ‘biggest conservation action’ in a century

USA Today: ‘Scared for my life’ but needing a salary: Teachers weigh risks of COVID-19

The Hill: CDC to issue more guidance on school openings amid Trump criticism

The Dallas Morning News: J.C. Penney asks bankruptcy court for more time to avoid an ‘outcome no one wants’

Route Fifty: Families of prisoners sue over high cost of phone calls

Vice: Post Office delivery trucks keep catching on fire

The Washington Post: Major U.S. cities gripped with crisis, now face spike in deadly shootings, including of children

Associated Press: Study: World’s pile of electronic waste grows even higher

The Washington Post: The retired inventor of N95 masks is back at work, mostly for free, to fight COVID-19

NPR: Supreme Court undercuts access to birth control under Obamacare

Associated Press: Protective gear for medical workers begins to run low again

The Atlantic: The pandemic experts are not okay

The New York Times: As dining takes to the streets, New York restaurants hit a speed bump

The Atlantic: The role of cognitive dissonance in the pandemic

Route Fifty: When cities replace police with social workers