Cascade County businesses, nonprofits receive millions in PPP loans

Earlier this week, the U.S. Small Business Administration released detailed loan-level data regarding the loans made under the Paycheck Protection Program. This disclosure covers 4.9 million PPP loans made to businesses and nonprofits.

Of those, 228 loans were made to Montana businesses and nonprofits, according to the data.

The SBA released loan-level data, including names of businesses, for those receiving more than $150,000 but for those receiving less, the information doesn’t include names and addresses.

The SBA approved a total of $521.1 million with an average loan size of $106,772 through 5,460 lenders.

In Great Falls, the following 13 businesses and nonprofits received loans over $1 million:

  • ADF International: 199 jobs supported, $2-5 million
  • AVMAX Montana Inc.: 186 jobs supported, $1-2 million
  • Center for Mental Health: 190 jobs supported, $1-2 million
  • Alluvion: 166 jobs supported, $1-2 million
  • General Distributing Company: 71 jobs supported, $1-2 million
  • JCCS: 115 jobs supported: $1-2 million
  • Pasta Montana: 115 jobs supported, $1-2 million
  • Quality of Life Concepts: 170 jobs supported, $1-2 million
  • Sweetwater GF OPCO (Park Place Transitional Care): didn’t report number of jobs supported, $1-2 million
  • TD&H: 129 jobs supported, $2-5 million
  • Torgerson’s LLC: 158 jobs supported, $1-2 million
  • United Materials: 137 jobs supported, $1-2 million

Click here to view the full data released by SBA.

A searchable database of businesses that received more than $1 million is available at The Washington Post.

More than 20,000 businesses in Montana received loans of $150,000 or less.

Of those, about 1,000 are in Cascade County totaling $40.64 million.

The list of Cascade County loans, which do not include business names, is available here.