Sunday Reads: June 28

Here’s some reading to keep you busy while it’s raining.

The New Yorker: The promise and peril of virtual health care

NPR: Why there’s a push to get police out of schools

ProPublica: Inside the Trump Administration’s decision to leave the World Health Organization

The New York Times: A tidal wave of bankruptcies is coming

Politico: ‘Defund the police’ faces skeptiism-even in deeply liberal cities

New Yorker: Our ghost-kitchen future

AP: Tariffs hit American whiskey producers hard in Europe

The New York Times: $1 billion in government Coronavirus payments went to dead people

WBUR: Former Treasury secretary says economy is bouncing back, but colleges shouldn’t rush to reopen

Vox: Why it feels like there are a lot more fireworks this year

The Wall Street Journal: How much COVID-19 cost those businesses that stayed open

Associated Press: Pelosi pushes Senate with House passage of George Floyd bill

Route Fifty: Cities brace for ‘collision course’ of heat waves and COVID-19

The Dispatch: Police reform won’t happen overnight

Bloomberg: In-store shopping in U.S., Canada at almost half of 2019 levels

NPR: Trump Administration moving to close federally funded COVID testing sites

The Economist: China is the world’s factory, more than ever

Nation’s Restaurant News: Pandemic fuels widespread changes in alcohol rules

The New York Times: On a Pennsylvania farm, ‘nature is not just carrying on’

Food Drive: Flour power: How manufacturers helped baking become the hottest new trend

Forbes: Fast food breakfast faces a long recover from the COVID-19 crisis

Eater: As tourists flock to national parks, nearby restaurants brace for the Coronavirus