Man charged for biting detention officer at Cascade County jail

Cascade County Sheriff Jesse Slaughter said this afternoon that there was an incident at the Cascade County Adult Detention Center around 7 p.m. June 23.

He said, in a release, that deputies were dispatched to the jail for a report of an assault on a detention officer.

Slaughter said that Justin Len Cochran has been charged with a felony count of assault on a peace officer for purposely biting the detention officer’s thumb, “causing pain and leaving teeth marks while in the process of being detained.”

Upon arrival at the jail, deputies spoke to the detention officer who said that Justin Len Cochran had been transported to the jail earlier in the day and was non-compliant during booking, according to Slaughter’s release.

“Cochran had been thrashing around, banging his head on the wall and attempted to kick the detention officers multiple times when they were trying to place handcuffs on him. The detention officers eventually placed a helmet, a spit hoot and a full body restraint on the defendant and carried him to a padded cell for his safety and theirs,” according to Slaughter’s release.

Over the course of about an hour, Cochran started calming down, according to the release, and detention officers went into the padded room to move the handcuffs from behind Cochran’s back to his front side.

While doing so, Cochran started fighting deputies again, according to the release, and as the detention officer was attempting to secure the handcuffs in front of Cochran, the officer had his arm in front of Cochran’s face and Cochran bit the detention officer’s thumb.

According to Slaughter’s release, the detention officer is visible in video footage jerking his arm away when bitten.