County finalizes raises for elected officials, deputies, non-union employees

Cascade County Commissioners finalized a 1 percent pay raise for elected officials and non-union employees during their June 23 meeting.

It’s the same raise that the compensation board recommended by the Compensation Board when they met in late May.

County elected officials, deputies get cost of living increase

The board, which includes three county commissioners, the county attorney, treasurer, sheriff and a justice of the peace as well as three community members.

County board votes to increase salaries of elected officials by 2.4 percent for upcoming fiscal year [2019]

When the board approves a cost of living adjustment of any amount other than zero, under state law it triggers a one-percent longevity increase for sworn sheriff’s deputies. The longevity increase is one percent of a deputy’s base salary on the anniversary of hire per state statute only in years when a COLA is approved, according to Mary Embleton, county budget officer.

This year, local government budgets are expected to be tight due to COVID-19, unemployment and an anticipated increased in protested and delinquent property taxes, so the board looked at various options and the fiscal implications.

The one percent COLA is an additional personnel cost of $122,580.82 and the one percent longevity increase for sworn deputies is an additional $21,071.35, according to county figures.

The increases do not affect employees included in collective bargaining agreements and some of those are still in negotiations, but the estimated increase in personnel costs for those wage increases is $450,839.88, according to county figures.