County approves contract for second phase of Sun Prairie road work

County Commissioners unanimously approved a contract to United Materials for $548,863.75 for the second phase of the Sun Prairie overlay project.

This phase of the project includes an overlay 2.7 miles of roadway, including, but limited to 2nd Street East, Delano Court, Filmore, Grant Drive, Harrison Street, Jefferson, Kennedy, Lincoln Way, Madison Way and Roosevelt.

The county received two bids, one from MRTE, lnc. of Great Falls, for $789,964 and the second from United Materials, with the lowest bid.

Commissioner Jane Weber said that the two Sun Prairie overlay projects used the majority of county pavement preservation funds for two budget years.

In March, the commission approved a $504,580 contract to United for the first phase of the project. Construction of that project began in early June.

County to consider contract for Dracut Hill Road overlay project

The project will be funded in part with the county’s share of funds through the state’s Bridge and Road Safety and Accountability Program. The county’s total this year is $223,671.89 with a 5 percent match from the county of $11,183.59. The county’s match has been budgeted from the county Road Services Raw Materials fund.

The Sun Prairie road project was initially planned for last year, but decided a project for overlay on 3.8 miles of Dracut Hill Road was a higher priority.

In June 2019, the county awarded a $837,597 contract to United Materials for that project, which was funded in part with the county’s BARSAA distribution last year.