Sunday Reads: June 21

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

Here’s your weekly reading list.

The New York Times: Libraries strive to stay “community living rooms” as they reopen

Time: ‘Superforecasters’ are making eerily accurate predictions about COVID-19. Our leaders could learn from their approach

The New York Times: A Juneteenth of joy and resistence

NPR: Supreme Court will not re-examine doctrine that shield police in misconduct suits

NPR: Supreme Court delivers major victory to LGBTQ employees

NPR: The rich have stopped spending and that has tanked the economy

CNBC: U.S. savings rate hits record 33 percent as coronavirus causes Americans to stockpile cash, curb spending

ProPublica: Emails reveal chaos as meatpacking companies fought health agencies over COVID-19 outbreaks in their plants

L.A. Times: COVID-19 pandemic creates tidal wave of plastic waste

Associated Press: Pandemic leads to a bicycle boom, and shortage, around the world

The Atlantic: Fear of public transit got ahead of the evidence

WIRED: As cities reopen, expect to wait in lots of lines

NPR: 5 radical schooling ideas for an uncertain fall and beyond

Wall Street Journal: HHS resumes central role in pandemic response oversight

Civil Eats: OSHA faulted for not doing more to protect workers from COVID-19

NPR: As states reopen, do they have the workforce they need to stop coronavirus outbreaks?

The New York Times: Why the sickest workers may be among the first back on the job

Transport Topics: China’s meat testing threatens to derail U.S. pork exports

Vox: Why American farmers are throwing out tons of milk