Sunday Reads: June 14

There’s lots of reading this week. Enjoy the weather and be careful out there Great Falls.

Bismark Tribune: Montana, North Dakota lawmakers to collaborate on radioactive oilfield waste problem

Vanity Fair: “Full of anguish and pain”: A generational watershed at the Times as editorial editor James Bennet resigns

The Wall Street Journal: Small-town retail’s shining moment can last

The Atlantic: The millennial mental-health crisis

The New Yorker: Can coronavirus contact tracing survive reopening?

Time: Black Lives Matter activists want to end police violence. But they disagree on how to do it

Time: ‘Police do not belong in our schools.’ Students are demanding an end to campus cops after the death of George Floyd

The New Yorker: How do we change America?

Civil Eats: Struggling farmers are selling midwest hogs ad hoc and online

Reuters: What rebound? North Dakota in economic crunch as virus batters oil, agriculture

WGBH: ‘They have lives in their hands’: Colleges consider human costs, financial benefits of reopening

Route Fifty: After George Floyd, Some School Districts Cut Ties With Police

Food and Environment Reporting Network: Beef prices soar, food inflation is highest in more than eight years

Forbes: The number one problem plaguing restaurants as they try to reopen

Education Drive: GAO: Over half of school districts need major building repairs

The Washington Post: Amid reopenings and street protests, coronavirus transmission remains high in much of the U.S.