Some RED HORSE members return from deployment

Twenty-eight members of the 819th RED HORSE Squadron returned from deployment over the weekend.

Initially, military officials said they were stuck overseas due to the Pentagon’s stop-movement order that was issued March 25 due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

819th RED HORSE airmen stuck overseas due to COVID-19 travel restrictions

“These 28 were due to come home, but were told they couldn’t because of the stop movement order. After additional research on the specifics of the order, it was determined that since they were already preparing to redeploy, the order did not affect their movement so they were brought home,” Malmstrom public affairs told The Electric this week.

There are still more than 100 RED HORSE members from Malmstrom deployed in support of U.S. Africa Command and U.S. Central Command.

There is no timetable currently for their return, according to Malmstrom public affairs.

About 150 members of the 819th RED HORSE Squadron deployed in October to parts of Africa and the Middle East, according to Malmstrom public affairs.

Of the 28 who returned on April 4, about half are single and are quarantining on base.

The other other half are quarantining with their families locally for 14 days, according to Malmstrom officials.