Sunday Reads: March 22

Hope everyone is doing okay during these trying times.

This list is all coronavirus related, which I didn’t mean to do, but there’s a variety of ways to look at the situation.

I came across these stories throughout the week, so keep in mind that things have been changing rapidly, so be sure to watch the dates when you’re reading stories related to coronavirus.

The Atlantic: What Americans are doing now is beautiful

New York Times: Wash our hands? Some people can’t wash their kids for a week.

Air Force Magazine: STRATCOM: Triad’s isolation keeps nuke operations normal amid outbreak

New York Times: Can city life survive coronavirus?

CityLab: Conoavirus exposes how bad America’s homework gap really is

New York Times: There is plenty of food in the country

CNN: More than half of American jobs are at risk because of coronavirus

Boston Globe: Social distancing revives America’s suburban instincts

The Atlantic: Rural America isn’t ready for a pandemic

Washington Post: Coronavirus will radically alter the U.S.

CNN: COVID-19 could mean extinction for many charities

Bloomberg: COVID-19 is becoming the disease that divides us: by race, class and age

Wall Street Journal: Rethinking the coronavirus shutdown

New York Times: Some ask a taboo question: is America overreacting to coronavirus?