City considering 1-year contract extension for parking contractor as it considers long-term lease option

City Commissioners will consider a one-year extension of the parking enforcement and services agreement with SP+ Corportation during tonight’s meeting.

The original agreement was approved in 2011 and renewed with three-year contracts since. It has also been amended to add tasks including snow removal contracting and back-office software purchase and maintenance.

Staff is pursuing a one-year contract renewal as it begins the process of soliciting proposals for a long-term parking management lease agreement under which an entity would lease and maintain all of the city’s parking assets, including garages, lots and meters, as well as operate the enforcement program.

City exploring options for possible long-term lease of parking system

The city would maintain ownership of those assets, but the downtown parking system would essentially be privatized.

The one-year contract is $425,989, which includes a 5 percent increase in the management fee but no increase in other budget line items, according to staff.

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All costs associated with the parking enforcement/services agreement are paid with parking program funds–fees and fines– and does not receive any general fund or other outside fund support.