County approves purchase of Dutch, a drug detection dog, for CCSO

The Cascade County Commission approved a $8,950 contract during their Jan. 28 meeting to purchase a German Shepherd named Dutch for the purposes of narcotics detection.

County considering multiple contracts for drug dog, response teams and jail communications

The contact between the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office and James Harris of Cookeville, Tenn. will provide a dog trained in the areas of narcotics detection, tracking and obedience for law enforcement purposes, according to the contract.

The dog purchase is being funded by the Sheriff’s Legacy Foundation, a local nonprofit.

Dutch, a male German Shepherd, was born Oct. 5, 2018 and is expected to be delivered to CCSO on March 2, according to the contract.

Last fall, commissioners approved a contract to purchase Zeke, a German Shepherd/Belgian Malinois drug detection dog.

The cost of the dog is $8,500 and was funded through CCSO’s drug forfeiture fund.

Deputy Kasey Whitsitt was selected as the dog’s handler and she’ll be training in Tennessee this fall when she’ll meet her new partner.

County approves contract for CCSO electronic detection dog

Sheriff Jesse Slaughter said in the fall that his office budgeted for the dog, which will be used for drug detection and tracking.

The dog will be used by CCSO patrol units, Slaughter said.

Since the department has three patrol teams, Slaughter said in the fall that his goal is to eventually have three drug detection dogs and three handlers since they’ll get a lot of work and burnout is a concern.