GFPD asking public to register surveillance systems to aid in crime investigations

The Great Falls Police Department is asking citizens and businesses to register their exterior surveillance camera systems so that in the event of a crime near their home or business, officers can contact the system owner to see if their camera possibly recorded an event relevant to the investigation.

GFPD launched the system last year under a different name, but as a result of a story in The Electric and people signing up, it caused glitches in their system.

GFPD creating registry of security cameras to aid in investigations; considering purchase of crime mapping software

If a person registers their surveillance system with GFPD, the department does not have the ability to remotely access or control a system registered with the program they’re now calling Security Camera Registry and Mapping program, or SCRAM.

“Registering a system will facilitate officers and investigators to view a map of the area where a crime has been committed, or where suspects may have traveled. Ultimately helping to identify potential investigative leads, including suspect identity and crime facts,” according to release from GFPD.

Registering surveillance systems with GFPD allows officers and investigators to have a database of system owners and their contact information, according to GFPD.

To register a camera or surveillance system, click here. Follow the registration link at the bottom of the page and once registration is submitted the system owner will receive a letter from the GFPD, confirming the registration information, and including a SCRAM sticker to affix in a readily identifiable area.