Commission to consider two leases of city-owned property during Dec. 3 meeting

During their Dec. 3 meeting, City Commissioners will consider two separate lease agreements for two separate city properties.

Four-fifths votes in favor are required for the lease of city property.

Both decisions require a public hearing during Tuesday’s meeting.

The first is a lease agreement for Wadsworth Park with the Missouri River Shooters Association.

The group has leased the park for years and is requesting an additional five-year lease with an option to renew another five years for use of the shooting range facility in the park. Both the city and the association have the option to terminate the lease with 60 days written notice.

Under the agreement, the association would pay an annual $240 fee, utilities and day-to day-maintenance for for the facility.

The commission approved the Wadsworth Park Master Plan in December 1998 and the plan recommended at that time that “all existing leases continue in Wadsworth Park, renewable on a year to year basis, until the city is ready to begin actual physical implementation of the Master Plan,” according to the staff report.

There is no available funding for capital improvements in Wadsworth Park, according to the city. Before completion of the master plan, the leases for use of the park were 5-year leases.

In 2000, those were all renewed on a year to year basis up to a maximum of five years, according to the city and in 2006, commissioners approved a two year lease with the Missouri River Shooter Association with an automatic two year renewal. In 2010, commissioners approved a 5-year lease with an option to renew for another five years.

Commissioners will also consider a lease agreement with A Child’s World LLC for a potion of the Community Recreation Center.

The company operates a day care and has had a lease with the city since 2003.

The area of the Rec Center is on the lower level with access to the outside play area and gymnasium.

The lease is a three-year term with a monthly $1,500 fee.

Bids were not solicited for this lease since the previous lease allowed for an extension, which A Child’s World has requested.