City considering agreement to collect donations for water tower mural

During their Dec. 3 meeting City Commissioners will consider a memorandum of understanding with the Great Falls Area Community Foundation for receipt of donations for the Gore Hill water tower mural project.

In November, commissioners awarded a $55,000 contract to Cameron Moberg for the new water tower’s mural, but the city doesn’t have funds for the project.

City Commission approves $55K contract for Gore Hill water tower artwork

Moberg option 1

The warranties on the tower’s coating system run through the spring of 2021 and Moberg is holding his pricing until then and if the funds are raised, the painting would be done then.

Water tower art decision likely delayed to November

Under the agreement with the foundation, funds can be raised until the warranty expires in 2021.

“In the event that sufficient donations are not received, GFACF may be required to refund all donations or contact donors for permitted alternative uses for the donated funds. There is language in the contract with Mr. Moberg allowing the city to terminate the agreement, if in the city’s discretion termination is advisable; this would include if sufficient donated funds are not received. The commission could also evaluate other funding sources in the event of a shortage,” according to the staff report.

The foundation will collect donations for the water tower mural through Dec. 30, 2020 and then grant the total to the city within 45 days, allowing the city to determine if enough funds have been raised to proceed with the project.