Sunday Reads: Nov. 10

Well whaddya know, it’s snowing again. Here’s some reading to keep you occupied while you’re stuck indoors staying warm.

The New York Times: How did Armistice Day become Veterans Day in the United States?

Vanity Fair: The Big Bitcoin Heist

Poynter: Government agencies can’t stop employees from talking to the press. Here’s why.

Air Force Magazine: RAND outlines improvements needed to tackle nuclear modernization

NPR: Math looks the same in the brains of boys and girls, study finds

The New Yorker: The myth and magic of generating new ideas

The Guardian: From bars to pod homes: how underused car parks are being transformed

CityLab: The changing demographics of America’s suburbs

Pew: Farmers struggle as hemp harvest winds down

The Economist: America’s economy is resisting the pull of recession

CityLab: How airline deregulation fueled regional inequality in the U.S.

Route Fifty: To influence local politics, showing up to vote isn’t enough