Banff Mountain Film Festival returns to Great Falls this week

The Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour is Nov. 8 at 7 p.m. at the Mansfield Theater at the Civic Center.

The 44th annual Banff Mountain Film Festival recently ended in Banff, Alberta and the winning films from the festival are sent on a world tour.

Great Falls Montana has been the first stop on that tour for about 25 years and is again this year.

Advance tickets at $15 and tickets the day of the event are $17. All proceeds benefit the Great Falls Ski Patrol at Showdown, which opens Dec. 13.

Short films, 5 to 20 minutes long, on outdoor adventure and mountain culture, high adrenaline climbing, skiing, mountain biking, BASE jumping and extreme endurance will be featured during the event.

According to the ski patrol, they’ve sold out in the past and recommend getting tickets in advance.

Tickets are available at:

  • Big Horn Outdoor Specialists
  • Skier’s Edge
  • El Comador
  • Kaufman’s
  • Hi-Line Climbing Center
  • Civic City Box Office