Sunday Reads: Oct. 6

Hope everyone enjoyed the warmish weather this weekend.

Here’s some Sunday reads to keep you busy when snow starts flying again this week.

Salon: As the welfare state decays, public libraries become sites of social trauma

New York Times: The Government Says Rainbow Crosswalks Could Be Unsafe. Are They Really?

Washington Post: Federal government has dramatically expanded exposure to risky mortgages

Washington Post: Johnson & Johnson reaches $20.4 million settlement in huge opioid case

Washington Post: DEA allowed huge growth in painkiller supply as overdose deaths rose, IG says

Time: Is Wine Really Healthier than Beer?

Time: ‘Rampant Consumerism is Not Attractive.’ Patagonia is Climbing to the Top-and Reimagining Capitalism Along the Way

Time: How to Return a Farm to the Wild

Food Tank: 19 Books on Food Tank’s Fall Book List to Reconnect with the Food System

Afar: 15 of the Best Audtiobooks for Road Trips

Afar: France Will Spend $165 Million to Rescue Some of its Small Cafes

***Added bonus, here’s some useful training for anyone who’s interested in fact-checking, for free, from the Poynter Institute: Hands-On Fact-checking: A Short Course