Sunday Reads: Sept. 22

Hope you’ve all enjoyed the weather this weekend.

Here’s your Sunday reads:

CityLab: Parking Reform Will Save the City

AP: Bankers Expect Slow Economic Growth Amid Trade War

PEW: Yoga, Zumba Narcan: Check Out Your Local Library

RTDNA: Elimination of Copy Editors Has Been Disastrous for Newspapers

Washington Post: The End of an American Tradition: The Amtrak Dining Car

Forbes: This is Why We Don’t Shoot Earth’s Garbage Into the Sun

TIME: How Juul Hooked Kids and Ignited a Public Health Crisis

National League of Cities and Towns: Making Sense of Municipal Budgets


A good friend I interned with at a Virginia newspaper a decade ago moved to York, Pa. and from what I can tell has been a part of lots of fun projects there.

Strong Towns: A Bottom-Up Revolution in York, Pennsylvania