Introducing Sunday Reads

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I don’t know about you, but I can’t read fast enough to keep up with the information coming at me through email, social feeds, friends and more.

But, I like to read, particularly about local government, downtown revitalization, placemaking, parking and transportation, economic development and whatever else happens to capture my attention.

In an effort to help myself read more and quit keeping 20+ tabs open of articles I’m meaning to read, I’m launching this, the Sunday Reads post, to be more efficient with my time, read more and share the knowledge with all of you.

What I’m reading: books on community, revitalization, economics and food

My plan will be to share lists of what I’m reading, what I came across this week that relates to Great Falls issues and things I find interesting.

Got a good read for the week, send it my way:

Happy reading!

Arts and Culture

New Yorker: Ken Burns’ Delightful “County Music” Gets the Big Things Mostly Right

Afar: How Denver Became the Surprising Street Art Capital of the Country

Artsy: Arts Sector Contributed $763.6 Billion to U.S. Economy-More than Agriculture or Transportation, New Data Shows

Development and Community Planning

Greenville News: As Greenville County Seeks Answer to Sprawl, Taylors Shows How to Rebuild From Within

Strong Towns: Mapping the Effects of Parking Minimums

The New York Times: Maybe We’re Not All Going to be Gig Economy Workers After All

City Lab: How to Build a New Park so its Neighbors Benefit

Public Safety

The Atlantic: The Opioid Reckoning Will Not Be Just