Some city elections could be cancelled due to lack of candidates

Since few people filed for city elected positions, staff is recommending that the City Commission adopt a resolution during the Aug, 20 meeting to give notice of its intention to cancel the Nov. 5 general election for certain officers.

State law allows a municipality to cancel a general election if the number of candidates filing is equal or less than the number of positions to be filled.

Six candidates for City Commission; mayor running unopposed

If adopted, the resolution provides notice that the positions of mayor, municipal court judge, and Neighborhood Councils 1, 3, 5 and 7 are eligible for cancellation if there are no declared write-in candidate filings with the Cascade County elections office by the Sept. 3 deadline.

If one or more eligible persons files a declaration of intent to be a write-in candidate and creates a contest for one or more of said municipal officer positions, the city will hold the 2019 general election for those positions.

But, no one files by Sept. 3, a resolution cancelling the general election for certain positions will be presented to the City Commission for consideration and will include declaring those candidates elected to the respective positions by acclamation.

Staff is recommending that Neighborhood Councils with less than five candidates remain on the general election ballot to allow for the possibility for additional write-in candidates.

In the past, when there have been an insufficient number of council candidates, the write-in candidates with the highest number of votes have been contacted to determine if they are willing to serve, meet the qualifications, and file a declaration of acceptance for write-in candidate form with the Cascade County Election Department.

If the districts with less than five candidates were to be removed from the ballot per the terms of the statute, that process for finding additional candidates to fill the council would be lost, according to city staff.

Cancelling some of the elections will save the city money through printing costs and county staff time.

Commissioners could deny the resolution and put all positions on the ballot despite running unopposed.