Traffic pattern will change at Exit 0 for second half of construction

The Montana Department of Transportation has reached the halfway point of construction on the Exit 0 Bridge at Marketplace.

Improvements to the inside lanes for eastbound and westbound travel over the bridge deck have been completed, according to MDT.

Bridge repair project starts this summer near Marketplace

Crews will now begin work on the outside lanes for eastbound and westbound travel. Drivers should be alert to a new traffic pattern as a result of continued construction.

“The project is progressing well despite eventful weather this summer,” Great Falls District Construction Engineer Rich Hibl said in a release. “Our crews have been working hard to keep on schedule.”

Drivers are reminded to continue traveling with caution, as merging patterns will change significantly. Updated merging patterns will allow traffic to flow while improvements are made on the outside lanes of the bridge deck.

During this phase of the project, crews will improve the outside lanes (right lane traveling eastbound and westbound) and drivers will travel on the inside lanes (left lane traveling eastbound and westbound). Expect single-lane traffic in both directions.

Extra attention is required when merging out of the Marketplace shopping center into the active work zone. Drivers should be aware of other vehicles coming from Interstate 15 that have the right of way. Access to Marketplace and other nearby businesses will remain unaffected.

Commuters and travelers should continue to plan ahead as delays and congestion may occur during peak travel hours.

“We appreciate the cooperation of commuters and are thankful for their patience throughout the duration of this project,” Hibl said, in a release.

These improvements to the Exit 0 Bridge at Marketplace will extend the life of the structure and prevent additional construction for years to come.

For questions regarding this project, email Madeline at or call the Project Hotline: 406-207-4484.