Business Bites: Alluvion hosting pop-up lunch party; Pizazz corner market opens; Scheels expanding; construction underway on Five on Black

Annually, health centers nationwide take a week to celebrate the work they do.

Alluvion Health will be hosting a week of activities kicking off Aug. 5 with a pop-up lunch party from 11:30 a.m. to 1: 30 p.m. in the parking lot behind the Rocky Mountain Building at the corner of 1st Avenue North and 6th Street.

The event is open to the public and will include food trucks, live music and an art project.

Alluvion withdraws from consideration of contracting for county health services

On Aug. 6, Alluvion is holding a staff appreciation day.

On Aug. 7, they’re hosting Honk and Wave Day. Drive by and/or join Alluvion staff at 601 Central in front of the Rocky Mountain Building from 12-1 p.m. Honk and wave as you pass them by.

Alluvion popup party

Aug. 8 is Give Back Day and Alluvion staff will be volunteering at the Sunburst Unlimited Community Garden.

Aug. 9 is Celebrate our Youth Day and Alluvion will wrap up its coloring contest and offer prizes. To participated in the contest:

  • have your child draw/color a picture of what “rooted in the community” means to them
  • post a picture of the picture in the comments section of our Coloring Contest post on Alluvion Health’s Facebook page
  • encourage your friends and family to “like” the post of your child’s picture
  • the post that receives the most likes will receive a gift basket full of gift cards and prizes to enjoy our community.

Pizazz Corner Market Open

Pizazz opened their Corner Market this week. They sold out of sandwiches, salads, enchilada casseroles and other fresh offerings. They’re asking for feedback about the market, special requests, special orders or anything else.

Business Bites: Pizazz expanding; Tracy’s opening soon; Kelley Aline and GFPS win awards; Title 17 revisions

The corner market is in the former Fox’s jewelry space on the corner of Central Avenue and 4th Street.

In the space, they’re offering take-n-go deli, selling local and international foods and spices plus wine, beer, spirits, even a few beers on tap.

“We are committed to being “green” and reducing our plastic use. So we’ll serve salads in Mason jars, etc.,” according to Rhonda Atkins, chief cook at Pizazz.

Like their oil and vinegar, there will be an initial $3 bottle/jar fee that will be discounted when you come back for a refill.

The corner market includes:

  • Exotic spices;
  • Oil and vinegars;
  • Wine, with a wine tasting room; beer and spirits; $5 glasses of wine or beer on tap;
  • $2 cups of coffee of the month;
  • mini deli with select charcuterie, cheese and olives;
  • market flower bunches by My Viola;
  • and take-n-go food, including gourmet sandwiches, mason jar salads, homemade ravioli, pesto, quiches, lasagna, bone broth and more (selection will vary depending on what the kitchen has got cooking); as well as Indian foods from Saibeen’s Kitchen.

Scheels Expansion

Scheels purchased the former Christian bookstore next door in Holiday Village Mall and is expanding into the space and creating more inviting and spacious fitting rooms that some of the newer stores have started including.

With the additional space, things have been moving around within the current walls to maximize space and create a more efficient flow, according to Scheels staff.

These shifts are a series of progressive moves that started with a new arcade and the moving of merchandise on the north end of the store and will continue throughout the store until the projects completion, according to Scheels staff.

Five on Black

Construction has started on Five on Black in West Bank Landing.