City implementing gopher control measures in city parks

The population of Richardson Ground Squirrels, or gophers, has increased this year, according to Great Falls Park and Recreation, and they are damaging park areas and compromising the integrity of detention ponds in city parks.

Park and Rec staff will be implementing control measures in numerous parks to manage the overpopulation, according to a release.

“Our pest control program was carefully considered and will be regularly monitored. Proper control techniques are required to achieve satisfactory management of the gophers with an awareness of potential problems. Frequent monitoring of the treatment sites will be required,” according to a Park and Rec release.

For the safety of pets and in accordance with City Ordinance (Park Rules and Regulations), pets should be on a leash at all times in city parks.

Park and Rec asks the public not to disturb the trap stations.

For questions or additional information, contact the parks manager at the Park and Recreation office at 406-771-1265.