Love’s annexation gets initial approval

The city planning board voted unanimously this week to recommend approval of the annexation of two parcels into the city for a Love’s Travel Stop and Country Store.

The proposed Love’s would be just off the I-15 interchange at Gore Hill on the airport side and would include a truck stop, convenience store and possibly two fast food restaurants.

love's map

The two parcels to be annexed will be a part of a development that will include two additional parcels already within the city limits that are owned by the
Great Falls International Airport Authority.

Love’s Travel Stop annexation on city planning board agenda Tuesday

During the July 9 public hearing, planning board members expressed some concern over plans to close Airport Avenue B and realign traffic patterns around the airport since it could limit access points to current and future development near the airport.

Love’s Travel Stop planning Great Falls location

That potential road closure is a “little bit concerning to me,” said board member Pete Fontana.

Craig Raymond, city planning director, said it’s also concerning to city staff but is not part of the proposal currently under consideration and the road closure would require future public meetings should a proposal be submitted.

Multiple projects in the works near Great Falls airport

The annexation and zoning request will next go to the City Commission for final approval.