City to consider $588K contract for Skyline Drive Northwest due to annexation

During Tuesday’s meeting, City Commissioners will consider awarding a $588,900 contract to United Materials to reconstruct a portion of Skyline Drive Northwest.

The work is being done since the city voted last August to annex several lots into the city limits and the project will bring the section of road up to city standards.

The project will start from a point about 900 feet west of the intersection of 3rd Street Northwest and Skyline Drive Northwest east to a point about 175 feet east of the intersection.

The project includes reconstruction about 975 feet of roadway; installing curb and gutter; installing sidewalk and ADA compliant curb ramps, according to the city’s public works department. Storm drainage issues will also be corrected, according to staff.

The project includes: about 4,400 square yards of 4-inch asphalt concrete pavement; about 2,300 lineal feet of integral concrete curb and gutter; 5,800 square feet of 4-inch concrete sidewalk; 5,100 square feet of 6-inch reinforced concrete; 6 truncated domes; 10,000 square feet of dryland seeding placement; and 10,000 square feet of sod placement.

Planning board to consider final plats; rezoning; annexation and parking spaces

Design phase engineering, plans and specifications were completed by city engineering staff with assistance from the city street division and utilities. City engineering staff will provide construction phase engineering services and project inspection, according to the city staff report.

Last June, the planning board recommended approval of the annexation that was subsequently approved by the City Commission in August 2018.

Portion of Skyline Drive will be closed for utility work

The annexation included seven residential lots and the adjoining right of way of Skyline Drive Northwest. Six are on the south side of Skyline Drive Northwest and one is on the northside. At the time the north side lot was vacant and the owner was planning to build a house. The lots were assigned R-2 single family medium density zoning.

The lots had been connected to a 2-inch water line that provided the properties with city water even though the properties were in the county. This service line has had multiple failures in the past and was made of a material that is no longer used by the city.

According to the city, the line was allowed to be repaired in 2013, at which time, the property owners were informed that the city would not allow the noncomplying line to be repaired in the future.

In 2017, the Public Works department noticed significant leaking on the water line and the city reached out to the property owners to begin discussions about annexation and the installation of separate service lines, according to last year’s staff report.

The annexation agreement includes fees and requirements for bringing Skyline Drive Northwest up to city standards, adding a boulevard style sidewalk, fire hydrants, a driveway connection and relocating mailboxes.

Due to the unique situation of this annexation of the six properties to the south of Skyline Drive Northwest, the city allowed the existing drainfield or septic tanks that serve the properties to remain until they fail. At the time of failure, the property owners are required to abandon the drainfield or septic tank per the abandonment procedure of the Cascade County Health Department and  connect to the existing 8-inch diameter sewer main on city property to the south.

The northside lot owner will be required to meet city standards when the new house is constructed.

The city received two bids for the project. One from United for $588,900 and one from MRTE for $669,250.

City staff is recommending accepting United Materials’ low bid.

The annexed residents will contribute $117,670 for the project as part of their annexation agreements. City street and utility funds are being used for the remaining costs of the project, according to the staff report.