Great Falls Rotary adds evening group, seeking new members

Last year, the Great Falls Rotary members decided to add an evening group to help more people become involved in Rotary.

Traditionally, Rotary has met every Tuesday at lunch. While this works for many members, there are people in Great Falls who could not make lunch meetings, such as teachers. Also, the cost to join the lunch group was prohibitive to some, especially younger professionals, according to a release.

Dean Boyle, past president of Great Falls Rotary, made opening up and diversifying the club one of his leadership goals as president. In August 2017, the Rotarian ran an article “Club Innovation: Choose your membership level” and Boyle realized other clubs around the world were doing exactly what he had proposed, according to a release.

“Based on the conversations at Great Falls Rotary and the magazine article, it was decided to offer another option for community members to become Rotarians,” Boyle said in a release. “As a club leader, it was my job to help people become Rotarians, to bring down the barriers.”

The evening meetings are the second and fourth Thursdays. There is social starting with a 5:30 p.m. and the meeting begins at 6 p.m.. All of the meetings are at Meadowlark Country Club.

While some of the speakers are the same as the lunch time meetings, the evening group brings in some different speakers. They have also been learning about Rotary and becoming familiar with the organization.

Rotary members who are part of the daytime group are welcome to attend evening meetings, but evening member dues only include four lunches a year. The evening members have full membership rights, and are considered part of Rotary Great Falls. Evening members are encouraged to volunteer and help with all of the Rotary projects.

“My schedule doesn’t allow me to make lunch meetings, so I was happy when evening meetings were added,” Jennifer Creed, a new evening member, said in a release. “I believe in what Rotary stands for and I wanted to be part of that in our community.”

Rotary is always looking for new members, and especially people to join the evening group. If you are interested, contact rotary at Dues for the new evening group are $300/yearly or $75/quarterly.