Water main work begins this week; first phase of river crossing project

Water main work will impact traffic on Upper River Road at the intersection with Blanchard Road beginning May 28.

The project is slated to be completed by June 21, weather permitting.

On May 21, the City Commission awarded a $98,720 contract to Capcon LLC for the replacement of about 60 lineal feet of 30-inch water main across Upper River Road and the installation of about 40 lineal feet of new 24-inch water main along the east side of Upper River Road.

During the project, traffic speeds will reduced in the construction area and traffic may be reduced to one lane at time, according to the Great Falls Public Works department.

The project will also install new pipe for a fire hydrant lead and a new fire hydrant.

water main map

The project area is circled in red.

The water main work is the first phase of the city’s project to install water main crossings under the Missouri River. The crossings are scheduled for construction later this summer, according to public works.

Barge will be on Missouri next week for bore logs in early phase of water main river crossings

The project that begins this week requires the 30-inch water main to be out of service for about three weeks in order to install a 30-inch by 24-inch tee for future connection, according to public works.

“The timing of this project is crucial and needs to be done early in the season before the water demand for irrigation increases,” according to the staff report from public works.

The city received four bids for this portion of the project. Those bids were opened on May 8 and ranged from $98,720 to $172,934. Capcon submitted the low bid.

This project is being funded through the Water Capital Improvement fund.

Last summer, the commission approved a $866,028 contract to Thomas Dean & Hoskins Engineering for the design phase of the water crossing project.

City planning to add water mains under Missouri, Sun rivers; $866,028 contract on Tuesday’s commission agenda

The project will also tear up some of Verde Park and a large portion of Meadowlark Park for staging and laying water mains that will be pulled under the river, according to the Park and Recreation department.

The city is installing two new water main crossings under the Upper Missouri River and Sun River using Horizontal Directional Drill methods. The project will include some open cut trenching methods for a portion of the water main installation and at connections.

Barge on Missouri River

The barge on the Missouri River as part of the city’s project to install two water main river crossings. Photo by Darren Wood | Northwest Media

Last fall, TD&H contracted with Sletten Construction and O’Keefe Drilling to drill bore logs to determine the types of soil and rock and the depths they are encountered, both on land and in the river channels.

The additional mains would ensure adequate water pressure and quantity to the expanding city and provide redundancy for unexpected repairs on the city’s existing mains, according to public works.

Barge on Missouri River

The barge on the Missouri River as part of the city’s project to install two water main river crossings. Photo by Darren Wood | Northwest Media

According to city documents, a new 24-inch fusible C905 PVC pipe will be designed for directionally drilled installation under the Missouri River from Verde Park to Meadowlark Park. Additional open trench pipe installation will be constructed through parks and city rights-of-way in order to complete connections to the existing distribution system.

The project that begins this week is being completed in cooperation with the Montana Department of Environmental Quality. City engineering staff designed the project and is performing construction inspection and administration duties.

For more information during the Upper River Road construction, contact Jeff Short with Capcon at 788-8256 or Rick Johnson with the city at 771-1258.