Dog park users request additional park; temporary park; lighting and minor repairs

Several dog park users are asking the city to make changes to the city’s lone dog park, as well as develop a new park.

On Monday, three dog park regulars attended the Park and Recreation Advisory Board meeting and submitted lists of requests.

Those requests range from filling in gopher holes, adding additional garbage cans, fixing obstacles, relocating the decorative fire hydrants, and adding a spigot in the large dog area for better access to water.

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They also have larger requests, such as the city creating a temporary, fenced dog park that can be used while the dog park is closed each spring for turf maintenance; lighting for those who want to use the park before and after work; and the development of a second dog park.

Park and Rec staff are reviewing the requests and will discuss again during their May board meeting.

The larger requests are unlikely to happen any time soon within existing resources.

The park users said that they want lighting so people could use the park before and after work when it’s dark.

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All city parks are closed dusk till dawn by city ordinance and would require City Commission approval to change the rule.

The dog park users said they were requesting additional garbage cans along the fence to encourage people to pick up after their dogs. That’s a requirement by park rules, but the users said not everyone follows the rules.

The City Commission approved the dog park location in 2007 and is city owned property.

At the time, the Animal Foundation agreed to provide operational assistance for the dog park and the city would provide ongoing maintenance.

According to the Park and Rec department, the foundation provided some assistance for awhile, but no longer provides operational assistance for the dog park.

According to city records, city staff and the Animal Foundation started meeting in 2004 to review potential sites and determine the best location for a dog park.

At least five city and park properties were reviewed for size, location, proximity to the River’s Edge Trail, accessibility, existing infrastructure, visibility, topography, zoning and possible conflicts with other uses in the area, according to a 2007 city staff report.

In 2004, the location committee recommended the city owned land along River Drive North between 6th and 9th Streets North.

In September 2007, the foundation’s dog park committee began meeting with city staff to develop conceptual design plans, operation and maintenance plans and cost estimates for the park. In the December 2007 city staff report, staff wrote that the foundation had agreed to fund construction of the park and the city would “provide ongoing maintenance with operational assistance from the Animal Foundation.”