County requesting funds for Sun Prairie road work

The county public works department is requesting the distribution of Bridge and Road Safety and Accountability Act funds.

The county has requested their portion from the Montana Department of Transportation totaling $157,791.17 and a 5 percent county match is required. That match is $7,889.56 and has been budgeted in the county’s Road Services Raw Materials fund, according to public works.

In 2017, the legislature passed the Bridge and Road Safety and Accountability Act, which established a graduated increase in the fuel tax by 2023.

That’s a 6 cent increase for gasoline and 2 cents for diesel.

Each fiscal year, 35 percent or $9.8 million of the proceeds, whichever is greater, is allocated to the Montana Department of Transportation. The remainder, expected to be about $21 million by fiscal year 2021, will be allocated to local governments through the BaRSAA program.

Beginning March 1 annually, local governments can request distribution of their allocation from MDT. Those allocations must be met with a minimum 5 percent match.

In Cascade County, the funds will be used in Sun Prairie Village including, but not limited to, Cleveland Drive, Eisenhower Avenue, Buchanan Street, 1st Street E, 1st Street W, Quincy Court and Adams Boulevard.

The road work project will include preventative maintenance overlay, width and crown preservation treatments, and seal and cover, according to the public works department.