County receives additional funding for radios

The county has received $54,462.99 from the Montana Disaster and Emergency Services’ Homeland Security Program.

That amount is added to $159,222.23 already received by the county and brings the total to $213,985.22.

Last week, the County Commission approved the amendment to the grant award.

The funding is being used to purchase radios for the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office and the Great Falls Police Department.

Since the county is handling the administrative work for this contract, Undersheriff Cory Reeves told County Commissioners that it would be a 60-40 split for funding with the county and the city.

This program is a cost reimbursement award, so the county will purchase the equipment and then be reimbursed through the grant.

Les Payne, deputy county public works director, told commissioners earlier this month that the county will purchase the radios and then split the inventory between CCSO and GFPD.

GFPD facing staffing shortage, temporarily dissolving BRIC officer, changing shift schedules

Payne said the portable radios would continue to work with a new system should the city do the major upgrade that GFPD Chief Dave Bowen has been telling City Commissioners will be necessary in the near future.