Water main project on city agenda

City Commissioners will consider a $92,921.70 contract during Tuesday’s meeting for a water main project on 2nd. Street South.

City staff are recommending approval of the contract to Geranios Enterprises, Inc. for the project, which will install about 650 lineal feet of new 12-inch and 8-inch water main and one new fire hydrant.

The project is being completed in cooperation with the Montana Department of Environmental Quality and the Cascade County Public Works Department.

DEQ has reviewed and approved the plans and specifications for this project, according to the staff report, and the county has granted the city an encroachment permit to do work within the county’s right-of-way.

City engineering staff designed the project and will perform construction inspection and contract administration duties, according to the staff report.

water main map

Map courtesy City of Great Falls.

The water main extension project will connect two dead end water mains located at Glenwood Court and 21st Avenue South. These water mains will be looped together to provide an additional water supply source to the Lower and Upper River Road communities, according to the staff report.

The project will install about 500 lineal feet of 12-inch and 150 lineal feet of 8-inch PVC water main; install 1 new fire hydrant; 455 square yards of 1.5-inch base course gravel; and 30 square yards of asphalt removal and replacement.

The project locations include:

  • 2nd Street from Glenwood Court to 21st Avenue South;
  • 150 feet on 21st Avenue South, East of 2nd Street South

This project is scheduled to begin no later than April 15.

Seven bids were received and opened for this project on March 6.

The bids ranged from $92,921.70 to $122,527.50. Geranios Enterprises submitted the low bid.

This project is being funded through the Water Capital Improvement fund.