City upgrading storm drain system on south side of Great Falls for $774,805

During Tuesday’s meeting, City Commissioners will consider awarding a $774, 805 contract to United Materials for the South Great Falls Storm Drain Improvements project.

The project will provide an outlet for storm water that collects in an existing depression on private property along the east side of 4th Street South, and to collect surface drainage within the Grandview Tracts neighborhood, according to the city staff report.

City Commission approves about $1.7 million in infrastructure, utility contracts

The existing depression was not intended to function as a storm water pond and is located within the natural drainage path, acting as a storage reservoir for runoff from city and county properties to the east, according to the staff report.

During larger runoff events, the stored water level rises in the depression, resulting in surface flooding of the residential area immediately to the west, according to Public Works staff.

Portion of 16th Avenue South closed for storm drain work

This project is one of the many phases for the South Great Falls Storm Drainage Master Plan.

Easements have been negotiated with the effected property owners.

Design phase engineering and plans and specifications were completed by Outrigger Consultants, LLC.

Work to be performed under this contract includes:

  • about 2,765 lineal feet of storm drain piping, including 12-inch PVC, 12-inch Reinforced Concrete Pipe (RCP), 18-inch PVC, 30inch RCP, 36-inch, RCP and 26-5/8-inch Rise X 43-3/4-inch Span RCPA;
  • 13 concrete manholes;
  • 9 storm drain inlets;
  • concrete storm drain inlet structure;
  • street reconstruction on 24th Avenue South; and
  • land restoration of grass, gravel and asphalt surfaces impacted by trenching.

The city received six bids for the project ranging from $774,805 to $936,516.

United Materials submitted the low bid.

The project will be funded by the storm drain and improvements other than buildings revenues.