GFFR offers recommendations for those concerned about snow, ice on roofs

After several structural collapses around our region due to snow and ice loading of roofs, Great Falls Fire Rescue has received numerous calls this morning from concerned citizens regarding the potential of snow loads causing damage to their homes and business.

With more cold weather and snow coming our way this weekend, this concern is both warranted and understood.

Knowing this, GFFR asked The Electric to share the following information:

GFFR stands ready to assist with structural collapse emergencies and provides the following recommendations for those with non-emergent concerns:

Business owners with questions about weather related loading to their buildings should consider contacting a structural engineer and concerned homeowners might begin by contacting a contractor for analysis of their property. These professionals are equipped to provide accurate, detailed information on your specific property, the weather related hazards that may or may not exist and potential mitigation strategies.