CDBG process underway for 2019 funding cycle

The city is preparing for the next Community Development Block Grant cycle and during Tuesday’s meeting, the City Commission will be asked to set a public needs hearing for March 19.

The public input process started in January with the public survey that has garnered 318 responses. It’s the second year the city has used the survey in its revamped CDBG process after significant conflict of interest issues in 2017 that resulted in U.S. Housing and Urban Development involvement.

City seeking CDBG priorities feedback; approves $282K for water park bathhouse renovation

The public comment process is needed to develop the annual action plan which is due by the end of June to HUD.

City continuing tweaks to CDBG process to avoid conflicts of interest

CDBG and HOME programs are federal programs administered by HUD to help fund local community development programs including affordable housing, anti-poverty efforts, public service assistance and community infrastructure projects. The primary goal of these programs is to assist low and moderate income persons to improve their quality of life in their respective communities. State and local governments receive funding from HUD based on a formula derived from population statistics.

HUD closed case with city over CDBG conflicts of interest

The 2019/2020 Community Development Block Grant award is estimated, based on last year’s allocation, to be $776,721. The award for Home Investment Partnership funds is estimated to be $285,831. Final amounts will not be formally determined until later in the process. The city’s CDBG/HOME program is self-sustained by federal funds with no impact to city general or other funds.

Commissioners approve funding priorities for 2018 Great Falls CDBG program

The public needs hearing on March 19 will help frame this year’s CDBG priorities as staff develops the annual action plan.

Once the annual action plan is completed by staff, it will be available to the public for a 30-day comment period and requires commission approval during a public meeting.

Staff making recommendations for revised Great Falls CDBG process; grant funding

Under the federal rules, the public needs hearing and the annual action plan are required for the city to receive CDBG and HOME funding.

So far in the current CDBG funding cycle, the city has approved the following grants:

  • $282,233.50: Electric City Water Park Bathhouse in the public improvement category for construction/ADA compliance;
  • $28,415: Electric City Water Park Bathhouse in the public improvement category for design/ADA compliance;
  • $36,845: Grace Home in the public improvement category for a roof replacement; and
  • $59,000: Revolving Loan Fund in the housing rehabilitation category.

During the March 5 commission work session, city staff will present the results of this year’s CDBG survey.

City staff proposing major changes to CDBG process; HUD looking at additional potential conflicts

The results showed that the top three priorities for CDBG funding are residential housing rehabilitation, economic development and public improvements.

Staff will make funding percentage recommendations later in the process, based on input from commissioners and the public needs hearing.