MDT proposing to rebuild section of highway near Sun River

The Montana Department of Transportation is seeking comments on a proposal to rebuild about 8.4 miles of Highway 89 southeast of Fairfield in Cascade County.

The project begins at the junction with Montana Highway 200 near Sun River at reference post 8.5 and extends northwest for 8.4 miles, ending at a point 2,000 feet south of the intersection with 1st Road South at reference post 16.9.

Proposed work includes vertical and horizontal alignment shifts, replacement of bridges, earthwork, drainage, asphalt surfacing with a seal and cover (chip seal), pavement markings, and signage. A finished roadway width of 36 feet is proposed, to include two 12-foot-wide travel lanes and 6-foot-wide shoulders with rumble strips.

The purpose of the project is to improve the safety and efficiency of the route with improved alignment, new surfacing, wider shoulders and flatter side slopes.

Construction is tentatively planned for beyond 2023 depending on completion of design and availability of funds. New right-of-way and relocation of utilities will be required. MDT staff will contact all potentially affected landowners prior to performing survey work on their land. Staff will again contact landowners prior to construction regarding property acquisition and temporary construction permits.

For more information, please contact Great Falls Great Falls District Projects Engineer Christie McOmber or District Preconstruction Engineer Steve Prinzing at 406-454‑5880. Members of the public may submit written comments to the Montana Department of Transportation Great Falls office at P.O. Box 1359, Great Falls, MT 59403-1359, or online at:

Please note that your comments are for project UPN 9536000. Alternative accessible formats of this information will be provided upon request by contacting Alice Flesch, Human Resources and Occupational Safety Division, P.O. Box 201001, Helena, MT 59620; (406) 444-9229; TTY (800) 335-7592; fax (406) 444-7243, or e-mail to