LOVE seeking more foster homes for local children

A local group is working to get more foster homes this month through their February Fosters LOVE campaign.

LOVE, or Linking Our Voices Everyday, was founded last year by two Great Falls foster moms with the goal of developing a support network for foster families in the community.

Nonprofit starting up to support foster parents in Great Falls area

Throughout February, the group is asking people to sign up on their website or speak directly with them to answer questions about becoming foster parents and set people up with applications if they decide to pursue it, according to Nikki Davalos, one of LOVE’s founders.

LOVE February

“It’s basically us personally talking to them and answering any questions. Then we will follow up and invite them to a Q&A set up for March and get them an application,” she said.

Davalos is a foster parent with her husband and founded LOVE last year with her friend Kat Whitish, also a local foster parent.

They noticed a lot of unmet needs for foster parents such as training, resources and a place to share books, clothing or supplies for foster kids of all ages as they cycle through local homes.