County approves $51K contract for new jail locks in max security pod

Cascade County Commissioners approved a $51,231.98 contract this week for the replacement of 12 locks at the Adult Detention Center.

The contract is with Southern Folger Equipment Company of Texas and will replace the locks in K-Pod, the maximum security section where inmates are in their cells 23 hours per day and get one hour daily in the common area.

The locks are original to the jail and are aging. Les Payne of County Public Works and Capt. Scott Van Dyken of the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office said inmates had been able to open the locks in some instances, creating a security issue.

14 charged in connection with the July 28 riot at Cascade County jail

The contract also includes eight hours of training for county staff on maintaining and troubleshooting the equipment as well as and eight hour assessment of other jail doors, locks, sliders, hardware and controls and provide a written assessment when completed.

According to the county, Southern Folger Equipment is the only company that sells and installs the locks, it was the only quote received for the work.