County officials sworn into office

Cascade County officials were sworn in this week in two different ceremonies.

On Wednesday, the following took their oath of office:

  • Rina Fontana Moore, re-elected as clerk and recorder
  • Jane Weber, re-elected as county commissioner
  • Gerald Boland, re-elected as public administrator
  • Diane Heikkila, newly elected county treasurer/superintendent of schools

Heikkila worked in the treasurer’s office for about 3 years and defeated her boss Jamie Bailey for the seat during the November election.

On Wednesday, Heikkila said changes are coming, but it will take time.

Her first priority is filling several vacancies in the office so that they’re fully staffed and trained.

The office had gotten behind on processing tax payments and some county taxpayers may have noticed their accounts were marked delinquent on the county website, but Heikkila said this week that the office was in “pretty good shape,” on tax bills.

Heikkila said they’re going to try to separate lines for renewing vehicle registrations and taxes, as well as adding an expedited line for those with mobility challenges.

In an effort to quickly change the wait experience at the treasurer’s office while they make more substantial changes is “chairs are coming,” Heikkila said.

On Friday, Josh Racki was sworn in as the county attorney and Jesse Slaughter was sworn in as the sheriff.

Racki said he was proud to be part of county law enforcement team and swore in all of the deputy county attorneys.

Slaughter said it was an honor and “today marks the day that the Cascade County Sheriff’s Office moves forward.”

Slaughter sworn in Cory Reeves as his undersheriff and swore in all deputies in attendance.

Five deputies were promoted from recruit to deputy third class after completing their initial year on the job. One deputy was promoted from deputy third class to second class.

Three corrections officers were sworn in as deputies during the ceremony.

During the ceremony, Slaughter presented Bob Rosipal with a badge that had previously belonged to Slaughter’s father when he was a deputy and a badge that Slaughter had in the Great Falls Police Department’s support services bureau.

Rosipal also ran for sheriff and Slaughter thanked him for the good race, but “now we’re a team.”

After the ceremony, Slaughter said his immediate priorities are starting a citizens academy and establishing a resident deputy program, as well as addressing jail overcrowding.

For the time being, he told The Electric, the former sheriff’s limitations on jail admittance would remain in effect.