Community Health Care Center continuing split from county, move to Rocky Mountain Building

The Community Health Care Center is continuing it’s separation from Cascade County and the County Commission voted Tuesday to disburse another $100,000 to the center.

Earlier this year, CHCC indicated its intention to split from the county and become an independent agency and this fall, CHCC entered into a buy-sell agreement on the Rocky Mountain Building, a long vacant eyesore downtown.

Rocky Mountain Building will be the new home of the Community Health Care Center

Trista Besich, CHCC executive director, said that they expect to close on the sale in February and they’re hoping to start construction next year.

The center currently employs about 130 people now and Besich said the center will employ about 200 once the new building is open.

The county is disbursing funds that CHCC has been putting in reserve in anticipation of the move to shift staff, equipment and other operating costs out of the county. The funds are not from property taxes but are revenues generated by the center’s operations, Besich and county commissioners have said.

As of last week, CHCC had transitioned about 26 employees to the CHCC payroll, six of whom had been county employees and about 20 new hires, Besich said.

CHCC is set up as a non-profit with a governing board.

Finding solutions: Local efforts for mental health court; mental health police officer; pre-trial and addiction services

CCHD opened the center in 1994 to support increased access to care for the uninsured, underinsured and underserved patients. In 2012, the CHCC started operating as a separate department within the county with a long-term goal of becoming an independent agency, according to CHCC.

CHCC is also operating satellite locations in several Great Falls Public Schools facilities and will be expanding those in the coming years.

CHCC has also launched a partnership with Gateway Community Services for addiction treatment.