Golf management agreement on next week’s City Commission agenda

The city’s potential agreement with CourseCo for management of its two golf courses will go to the City Commission on Dec. 18.

Park and Recreation Director Steve Herrig said during Monday that the contract was on the agenda for both the work session and regular City Commission meeting next week.

City moving forward with golf course management negotiations

In November, commissioners reviewed the two proposals that had been submitted for management of the city’s two golf courses and opted to begin negotiations with CourseCo over the Great Falls Baseball Club, also known as the Voyagers.

Next week, representatives from CourseCo will attend the meetings to discuss the management agreement, which will require commission approval.

Two proposals submitted for management of city golf courses; staff currently reviewing

The proposed agreement includes an $80,000 annual management fee and $24,000 annually for accounting services.

Currently, Park and Rec pays about $26,00 to the city’s finance department and $33,000 to human resources in internal services charges, Herrig said.

The original CourseCo proposal showed the city making $123,306 the first year, after fees, and the vendor making $104,000.

Herrig said he was confident the arrangement would generate at least that much revenue since the CourseCo estimates were conservative and used fewer than last year’s rounds of golf played.

The golf fund is an enterprise fund that has for years been subsidized by the general fund to cover debt service payments and currently owes the general fund about $1 million.

Some have suggested selling a golf course to save the Natatorium, but those are two separate enterprise funds and the sale of any golf assets would be used to cover golf debts first.

City working to use MSDB pool as alternative while replacing Natatorium

In 2017, there were 49,090 total rounds of golf played between both golf courses. The golf season is March through October.

Proposed pool fee increases small; aquatics program facing larger budgetary challenges

By comparison, there were 26,068 total visits at the Natatorium for 2017, according to Park and Rec data.