County considering creation of new colony school

In early October, the Big Stone Hutterite Colony split sending half of its people to the new Grass Land Colony.

Both are located in the Centerville School District and on Oct. 15, the district school board passed a resolution to open an elementary school on the Grass Land Colony.

During their Nov. 13 meeting, Cascade County Commissioners will consider the request to create the new school.

According to county documents, the new school will have about 18 students and has met the requirements for creation under state law.

In October, the Centerville School District send a letter to the Office of Public Instruction asking, on behalf of the parents at the Grass Land Colony, that a public school be created on the colony. The district asked that the school site be managed and monitored in the same manner as the Big Stone Colony school, which is also in the Centerville district.