Cascade County election results

The election is over and the unofficial results are in.

Results aren’t yet final though.

County election officials will resolved provisional ballots by Nov. 13 no one was able to vote twice if they moved or lost a ballot. Counties check those ballots across state rolls statewide to verify, according to Rina Fontana-Moore, Cascade County clerk and recorder.

On Nov. 14, the state board of canvassers will meet to randomly select the precincts, races and issues for the post-election audit and the county canvas must be completed by Nov. 20, according to the Montana Secretary of State’s office. County Commissioners will review and sign off on the local canvasses and on Nov. 28, the state board of canvassers will meet to canvass and certify the statewide general election results.

With all Cascade County precincts reporting and 34,195 votes cast in the county, the 2018 results are below.

The Cascade County elections office mailed 33,008 and had received about 67 percent back by Friday. On Tuesday, county elections officials estimated that about 75 percent had been returned and Fontana-Moore estimated that 5,000 to 6,000 voted at the polls on Tuesday.

Moore said Wednesday morning that there are 41,949 active, late registered and provisional voters in Cascade County.

Cascade County


Bob Rosipal (R): 15,510

Jesse Slaughter (D): 17,344

County Commission, District 3

Josh Eli (R): 16,227

Jane Weber (D): 16,621

Treasurer/Superintendent of Schools

Diane Heikkila (R): 18,272

Mary Swenson (D): 13,547

Public Administrator

Gerald Boland (D): 23,796

County Attorney

Josh Racki (D): 23,848

Clerk and Recorder

Rina Fontana Moore (D): 25, 378

Justice of the Peace

Shall Mary Jolley be retained?

Yes: 26,280

No: 3,827

Shall Steve Fagenstrom be retained?

Yes: 26,670

No: 3,590

District Court, 8th Judicial Circuit

Shall Greg Pinski be retained?

Yes: 27,763

No: 3,885

Shall Elizabeth Best be retained?

Yes: 26,307

No: 4,828

Shall John Kutzman be retained?

Yes: 25,634

No: 4,312

Shall John Parker be retained?

Yes: 25,537

No: 4,927

Congressional Races

U.S. Senate

Jon Tester (D): 17,368

Matt Rosendale (R): 15,488

Rick Breckenridge (L): 997

U.S. House

Greg Gianforte (R): 17,142

Kathleen Williams (D): 15,758

Elinor Swanson (L): 912

State Races

Public Service Commission, District 1

Doug Kaercher (D): 14,334

Randy Pinocci (R): 18,119

Clerk of the Supreme Court

Bowen Greenwood (R): 16,443

Rex Renk (D): 13,795

Roger Roots (L): 1,825

Montana Supreme Court

Shall Beth Baker be retained?

Yes: 25,920

No: 4,374

Shall Ingrid Gustafson be retained?

Yes: 35,480

No: 4,594

Ballot Initiatives

I-185, tobacco tax

Yes: 14,455

No: 19,156

I-186, mining

Yes: 14,668

No: 18,647

LR-128, six-mill university levy

Yes: 21,288

No: 11,546

LR-129, ballot collection

Yes: 21,812

No: 10,419


Senate District 11

Tom Jacobson (D): 4,696

Adam Rosendale (R): 3,457

Senate District 12

Carlie Boland (D): 3,658

Steven Galloway (R): 3,458

Senate District 13

Brian Hoven (R): 3,306

Bob Moretti (D): 2,772

Kevin Vincent Leatherbarrow (L): 174

Senate District 14

Russel Tempel (R): 458

Paul Tuss (D): 288

House District 19

Wendy McKamey (R): 3,193

Lynelle Melton (D): 1,237

House District 20

Fred Anderson (R): 3,815

Keaton Sunchild (D): 1,754

House District 21

Ed Buttrey (R): 2,423

Leesha Ford (D): 2,101

House District 22 *Possible Recount

Laura Dever (D): 1,864

Lola Sheldon-Galloway (R): 1,869

House District 23

Brad Hamlett (D): 1,836

William Smith (R): 1,514

House District 24

Barbara Bessette (D): 2,004

Mike McNamara (R): 1,825

House District 25

Jasmine Krotkov (D): 1,898

Jeremy Trebas (R): 1,774

House District 26

Michael Cooper, Sr. (R): 1,101

Casey Schreiner (D): 1,390

House District 27

Joshua Kassmier (R): 487

Dan Nelsen (D): 257

House District 30

E. Wylie Galt (R): 372

Kathryn G.H. Nicholes (L): 96