Local publishing company expanding into new space

The Get It Factory, a Great Falls based publishing and consulting firm is expanding into a new space at 825 9th St. S. next week.

The company is owner by Ryan and Becky Acra and for the last year they’ve been running it out of their other business, Cheers! Fitness.

Once in the new space, they’ll be offering writing workshops, consultations, producing a podcast and other content.

Ryan Acra is the author of the Sugarbeet Falls childrens novel series.

He self-published the first book and through that process decided he wanted to start a publishing company. He published the second Sugarbeet Falls book through his publishing house, The Get It Factory. The books are available online and also in downtown Great Falls at Cassiopeia Books.

With two books under his belt, he’s hoping to start taking submissions early next year and work with other aspiring authors to publish their books through The Get It Factory.

They’re also planning to launch Superhero School online soon. It will include creative writing prompts and a winner will be selected monthly. The grand prize for the contest will be to publish something through The Get It Factory.

He’s taking his first run at the podcast this weekend and is hoping to have it posted online in early November.

On book tours throughout the state, Ohio and recently California, Ryan Acra said he’s talked with students about creating content and developing portfolios to prepare them for college or future creative careers.

They also create superheroes and in some cases, the exercise brought students out of their shell.

One autistic student rarely spoke to teachers or anyone, but after a superhero activity with Acra, the student talked about his superhero in great detail and the teachers teared up seeing him open up. The student’s mother also reached out to Acra to say her son was still talking about the superheroes.

“It was super touching,” Ryan Acra said.

He previously worked in recruitment for Loenbro and Becky Acra said there wasn’t necessarily anything in his background that set him up to be an author running a publishing house.

“I think it inspires people to maybe not give up on their dreams,” she said of her husband’s career.